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CFO – keeping up with the Fintech Revolution

Updated: Dec 12, 2019


been a CFO for 20+ years in a range of international SME’s businesses and not much has changed in the way accounting departments (and HR) are managed. There are still many of the same manual processes. There have been attempts to integrate different process in what is called an ERP. Until now this has been costly & time consuming to set up.

We are seeing the start of the Fintech Revolution reaching Accounting with various advanced cloud accounting solutions offering solutions to smaller businesses at a very low cost base. This is and will have ripple effect in the way the business (not only Accounting depts.) are run. The challenge of CFO’s is how to address and utilise this new technology. It will not be easy or cheap. Some of the legacy Enterprise solutions such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Net suite, Unit 4 have high set up costs and lengthy setup time.

I am not suggesting that you have to change this tomorrow, but be aware of the Fintech Revolution. Change is hard, and can be done in small steps.

I have started an initiative called – personalised Financial Management Solutions. In my website, I show case a number of possibilities of what is potentially available. I intend to continue to search and find collaborations of interesting Fintech Technologies that will help make the it easier for CEO’s, CFO’s to manage the Company (Not only Finances) in real time, anytime & anywhere.

I periodically bring these ideas to CEOs, CFO’s and Entrepreneurs in the form of E-mail & blogs and look forward to creating a community of ideas to bring about efficiencies in the way companies are managed. I will try to bring some examples of how technology is helping to make Companies more efficient and save money.

More About Persofi

PersoFi ( assists Companies, Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Mature Companies with their accounting & management needs. PersoFi helps Companies migrate to the cloud enabling them to control and manage business in real time, anywhere & anytime.

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