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Jeffrey Levine is a Veteran (survivor) of Israel Hitech back from the .com days of about 20 years ago, when he was the CFO and small part founder of STI Ventures, a Venture Fund whose Portfolio invested in a number of high flying Investments and Investors. Today, Jeffrey is sharing his experience and helping SME's to scale up,

With this in mind, we have set up a Scale-up Tool Kit.

We are a team of leading Professionals, Experts, and Funders to provide the essential components that Companies need:

- Fresh Ideas  and energy

- Product Validation and enhancement

- Marketing/Bus Development

- Technology (IT Experts)

- Business & Financial Plan /Accounting Services

-  Funding / create Wealth


Our initial offer os A Desk Top business plan/strategy -  Including :


š Company/Structure with a UK Investment Incentive base to claim Tax Rebates

š Market / Product Validation

š Marketing approach

š Technology (Ai/Digital)

š Financial Model

š Suggested Management Team/Advisors

š Material for a Pitch Deck for Investors

š Funding route and selected introductions



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