ESG 3.0 provides an opportunity for your company to upgrade your ESG story 

ESG Accounting I ESG Data  Management I CO2 Reduction I  Net Zero Emission I Supply Chain I Investment Portfolio

ESG3.0 is a breakthrough approach to ESG that incorporates a digital data-driven approach in data collection, management, reporting, and energy reduction. The approach is both a Digital + Consultancy offering for companies providing a holistic next generation,  strategy, data-driven, tech-based  ESG solution, with a lower cost and more practical than the larger consulting firms. It is provided together with GCX  who have deep subject matter experience with leading blue-chip companies – resulting in ESG Accounting, ESG Measurement, ESG Reporting, and improved accuracy and transparency of your company ESG rating and CO2 Reduction.

ESG Measurement

Starts with data collection includes a fully embedded automated solution including travel, transport, payroll/HR info, Integration with ERP/Accounting Systems providing auditable data, accuracy, and reliability with tools to enable CO2 reduction..


Fully automated real time solution, Dashboards  KPIs  with full drill drown facilities highlighting problematic areas +  Scope 1, 2. 3 reporting with different  reports views for Manager , Board , integrated Reporting , Supply Chain and Investment Portfolio.


There is an increasing emphasis on ESG ratings that will affect all companies. This will be part of the supply chain, your Investor requirements, or customer or suppliers will require this. Our Solution will enable accurate and reliable ESG ratings


. Enabling Companies to reduce CO2 -  Energy optimization, Renewable Energy, Waste Reduction, Recycling,  Assistance to Green Build, and more.