Persofi provides Leadership,  Innovation, and Resources to assist Startups and Companies to thrive in the Challenges and Opportunities of the Covid 19 world reality.

“Persofi” provides a Personal Financial Service. That is why we are called Persofi Financial Services.

Our specialty is in Regulated Financial Services / Fintech Companies 

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COVID has changed the world, and the way we and Companies operate.

It has highlighted the Need for Digital Solutions, Businesses to be more sensitive to the Customer’s needs (TCF), To implement Corporate Social Responsibly Programs (CSR), increased financial oversight and Board Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Put simply, COVID is having a major impact on Business governance structures.

Both Risk and Opportunity has increased, and this requires a new mindset

So, we are at the convergence of  People, Innovation, Ai, Big Data, and CSR to make our world a better place.



Need guidance from an experienced CFO/ Finance Director but feel you just can’t afford it?

Persofi is available on a part-time basis at a fraction of the Cost.


Cloud Accounting system set-up  and Maintenance for SME’s  – Xero/Aqilla, Filing of Annual Accounts , including VAT, TAX & Payroll
Utilizing latest Fintech Efficiencies by bringing in advanced Accounting Tools, Payment Solutions, HR Solutions and more


Utilising the power of Open Banking and AI, Persofi is an Authorised partner of Autonomous Treasurer platform to assist corporate treasurers and company directors manage their transactional financial activities in a simple, efficient, and intuitive manner.

Extracts from Bank via Open Banking  and Accounting System in real time producing an automated full Financial Dashboard and Cashflow



Our Service as Key Individual includes  Management and Oversight of:

  • Backoffice,  Compliance, and MLRO

  • Statutory obligations of the Firm

  • Rendering of financial services of the Firm and persons authorized to act on its behalf;

  • Business processes and operational ability.

  • Assess the firm's overall risk assessment and risk appetite, as these are the primary drivers for the financial crime risk assessment and the Duties of the MLRO

  • AML Manual, Procedures and Documentation


In Today's COVID World, having a formal Risk and Opportunity Board is a must.

Our Team at Persofi supports value creation by enabling management to:

  • Deal effectively with potential future events that create uncertainty.

  • Respond in a manner that reduces the likelihood of downside outcomes and increases the upside


Providing Services as MLRO for regulated Fintech Companies using automated Digital AML/KYC processes

The MLRO provides oversight for their firm’s anti-money laundering (AML) systems, and acts as a focal point for related inquiries. The role involves a significant amount of responsibility: MLROs must have access to their firm’s financial records in order to provide oversight and must make strategic decisions about activities relating to money-laundering and financial crime.

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+44 7308 129916

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