We are very passionate about this discussion about Environmental and Social Impact. These two go together. We — Man, have exploited both the Environment in pursuit of profit and lifestyle. We have also exploited people and countries.  It is time for a rethink.


We encourage you to learn more about ESG, why this is such a big thing, and why this is the biggest global trend in the global business world today. This is being led by Investors, Banks, Stock Exchanges, and you and me. This will filter down to every single business. Companies that do not embrace ESG face existential risks and lose out on opportunities for growth and funding.

Please reach out to us to start or upgrade your ESG journey. 

Together we make the world a better place.

Jeffrey , Eka, and Gerald

Meet The Team

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Jeffrey Levine

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Jeffrey is bringing his experience as CFO to drive ESG & impact strategy, and embed ESG into measurement, transparency and reporting.


Eka Pillai

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Eka is bringing his experience in corporate training and process management to drive ESG into organisations.


Gerald Saacks

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Gerald is bringing his experience in governance, compliance, and CSR to bring ESG risk & opportunity for directors and boards.